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Jointlab is a 100% natural preparation that is used for treating inflamations and injuries that cause discomfort and pain in the back, neck and joints. It acts locally, penetrates directly into the articular capsule with the aim of eliminating pain and discomfort completely.

Jointlab is used in following cases:

  • Pain in the back, neck and joints
  • Sports and other injuries
  • All kinds of muscle inflammation
  • Joint inflammation and swelling

Ingredients of Jointlab

Camphor: cures and soothes inflammation in the body.

Hot pepper extract: helps with rheumatic pains and joint pains.

Wild chestnut: used against inflammation, arthritis and rheumatism.

Peppermint oil: relaxes muscles and eliminates joint pain

How is Jointlab used?

Use Jointlab 2-3 times a day for maximum effect. Do not rinse the lubricated area with water for at least an hour.


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Last few years I really had problems with rheumatism. As the time passed by the pain become unbearable and I had difficulties using my hands. I tried many kinds of products, both creams and pills but none of them offered relief until I decided to try Jointlab. Regular massage three times a day and I felt improvement after two weeks. I have never been so relieved in my life, and would not exchange Jointlab for any other pharmaceutical product.

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I was an active tennis player, but a few years ago I fell badly which resulted in serious knee pain. I was regularly applying Jointlab for a few days now and pain is gone. My advice for you is to use the cream for prevention as well, even if you don’t have problems and especially if you are engaged in sports. Don’t wait for the pain to start, apply this cream before you start your activity and prevent pain from even happening. You never know when pain can start. Best Regards!

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If you only knew how much I suffered when the pain in my spine first appeared. Wow, my back hurt like it’s broken! My daughter was constantly bringing me some creams and gels, but none of them helped. That is until I found Jointlab cream, when pain reduced greatly. If only I had found it sooner, I wouldn’t have suffered this much. This is a miracle and I will order new one as soon as this package is used.

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