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Many people around the world deal with hypertension, also called high blood pressure. This condition usually won’t cause any symptoms but yet can cause significant damage to the heart. Therefore, hypertension is a condition that affects one in three people in the around 1 billion people worldwide.

One of the main causes of such high rate of heart problems around the world is unhealthy lifestyle and not paying enough attention to our health. Smoking, alcohol consumption, bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle can greatly affect our health and cause significant health problems to our heart.

But there is good news, there are way to lower your blood pressure and maintain your heart in healthy condition without taking medications. Heart Tonus drops have all the ingredients necessary to keep the blood vessels in optimal condition and lower the risk of further complications caused by hypertension.

  1. 100% natural ingredients

Heart Tonus consists only of natural ingredients. High amount of bioflavonoids help the blood vessels to stay elastic reducing the risk of low and high blood pressure.

  1. Multiple action

Heart Tonus drops can normalize the blood pressure and also affects overall health. It promotes better blood circulation, faster metabolism and weight loss. Its active ingredients will also help maintain the blood sugar levels in optimal condition.

  1. No side effects

Thanks to its natural composition, Heart Tonus is completely safe to use. It can used daily and does not cause any negative effect.  For best results, follow the instructions written on the product package.

Ingredients of Heart Tonus

Ingredients of Heart Tonus

Lemon balm and Valerian herb

Relieves anxiety because it contains valerian root and lemon balm. Anxiety and stress can impact the high blood pressure and other heart problems.

Hawthorn extract

For centuries, hawthorn berry has been used as an herbal remedy for heart failure, and high blood pressure.  If used regularly, hawthorn can also lower the cholesterol and widen the blood vessels.

Common hop plant extract

Improves vein circulation and straightens the blood vessels. It also breaks fatty molecules and prevents them from depositing in body. This way common hop plant extract can treat obesity and help you lose excessive weight.

Melissa plant

It promotes weight loss and excretion of excessive liquid from the body. Thanks to its unique properties, Melissa plant helps you lose weight and maintain optimal liquid balance in the body.

How to use Heart Tonus?

  1. Dissolve 25 Heart Tonus drops in 200 ml of water. To obtain the best results, its recommended to use it 4 times a day.
  2. For the best effect, the treatment duration should be 30 days.
  3. Detail instructions on how to properly use Heart Tonus drops is in the package. Make sure to read it carefully before use.

User reviews

User reviews1


I knew that high blood pressure led to a stroke – because it happened to my sister! I wanted to prevent this for happening to me so I decided to lead healthy lifestyle and take natural remedies. I chose Heart Tonus. I have not had a problem with high blood pressure for 4 years. I am a completely healthy person who is not afraid of a heart attack or stroke. Keep your health safe!

User reviews2


I am fighting with high blood pressure. Before that I didn’t even noticed because I didn’t have any symptoms. I started to panic, because I knew that I can cause much more damage to my health. I’ve heard about Heart Tonus and started to used it every day. One month after, no high blood pressure and my cholesterol levels were normal. I recommend this to everyone!

User reviews3


Heart problem runs in my family. I was afraid that I will have the same problems with blood pressure when I got into the menopause because I read for women it’s the period when it becomes more intense. I was taking Heart Tonus drops every day and I went for a full check up to see in what condition in my overall health. I must say that I feel good knowing that I am healthy and nothing can compare to that! The health is priceless.

NOTE: Results may vary depending on individual characteristics. The manufacturer does not guarantee the same results to all users.

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