Fresh Fingers Foot Spray With Antifungal Properties – Ingredients, Uses and Benefits

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Fungus infections can be very annoying and persistent. It is well known how they can be dangerous for your health and lead to mycosis – condition followed by severe painful rash on your skin. But, there is a wonderful solution for all of those who are struggling with eliminating fungus. Fresh Fingers spray formula is an extraordinary anti-fungal product that helps you to get rid of fungus infection in just a few days.

There are many antifungal products out in the market, but mostly they’re ineffective, too expensive or they take too much time to start working. Fresh Fingers will make your foot skin and nails look cleaner and fresher in a short period of time – only few days. This new product renews your skin and nails and soothes irritation and redness.

Not only that Fresh Fingers spray can help you get rid of the fungus, it also can protect you from further infections. It prevents sweating of your feet, eliminates itching and inflammation and makes your skin look fresh and soft.

Fresh Fingers ingredients

fresh fingers ingredients

Fresh Fingers spray contains only natural ingredients and all of them are beneficial for your skin. This highly practical product with active ingredients which are effective in treating infections by calming irritation and inflammation.

Anti-fungal agent – Clotrimazole prevents the growth of fungus and mycobacteria. It destroys existing fungus and bacteria and prevents their growth. Vitamin E softens your skin and eliminates dandruff.

Farnesol is a natural organic compound present in many essential oils such as lemon grass, rose, musk and citronella. It represses growth of all kinds of fungus by inhibiting their growth and formation. Climbazole forms protective layer on the skin which prevents bacteria from penetrating it.  Essential oil of peppermint is good for cooling your skin and giving a pleasant scent.

Fresh Fingers testimonials

fresh fingers testimonial

Maria, 36

Wow, you wouldn’t believe how long I had suffered from this disgusting disease. At the beginning, it wasn’t that bad, I mean, the only symptom was a bit more thickening on toes than normal. But, later it just started to smell more and more awkward, so I wasn’t feeling comfortable whenever I needed to put my shoes off. Someone recommended me Fresh fingers and guess what? My nails are pretty much like new!

fresh fingers testimonial

Nick, 27

I had soooo many struggles with my toe nails! Beside the most strange smell caused by an infection, their look was so bad, I always used some dark nail polish to cover it. That made the situation even worse! So, I’ve recently heard about Fresh fingers and it’s the only thing I am planning to use from now on, cause it literally healed my nails.

fresh fingers testimonial

Helen, 57

My problems with the fungi on the toes started a year ago. I’ve used a lot of different herbs and creams, but nothing helped me. I was noticing some change, but it wasn’t enough for me. I needed a real solution for my problem. I found Fresh fingers on the internet and this amazing gel solved my problem in a short time.

fresh fingers testimonial

Julia, 30

I wish you never go through this problem! I had a really bad luck and got my infection during winter time. So, couldn’t wear any shoes because it was so infected, my doctor forbade me to move and I needed to stay at home for 2 weeks. Then, my husband heard about Fresh fingers at work and I started to use it, cause didn’t have anything to lose. I was persistent and put the gel each morning and before each bedtime, so my results came pretty early. Highly recommended!

How to use Fresh Fingers

Wash and dry your feet. Spray a thin layer of spay over the infected area of the skin and let it dry. Pay attention to spaces between the toes. Use it twice a day (in the morning and in the evening).  Fresh Fingers spray works well for both men and women of all ages.

To get good and fast results, it is important to carefully read the instructions and follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations. Avoid contact with eyes!

How to order

Ordering Fresh Fingers

If you want to order Fresh Fingers, please fill in the form bellow. Our operator will contact you to confirm your order and Fresh Fingers will soon be delivered to your address. Keep in mind that contact information you submit in the form is completely protected and hidden. Also, there is no need to pay in advance! Payment is made upon receipt of the order.

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