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  • The cardiac muscle and vessel walls are strengthened.
  • Neutralizes and gets rid of any toxic waste found in the body.
  • The immune system becomes stronger.


How Cardiovax is made strelica

The drug Cardiovax was manufactured by leading specialists in cardiology. It was a project that they worked on for 3 years. Cardiovax honored with international medical rewards and was seen as a major breakthrough for cases of heart attack and stroke. Cardiovax is mostly produced in Europe and is a federal government funded.


Ingredients of Cardiovax strelica

Coenzyme Q10

A powerful antioxidant that relaxes the smooth muscle walls of blood vessels, tones them up and reduces pressure. Improves the general condition, rejuvenates the body.

Arjuna extract

It promotes the accumulation of oxygen in the blood, reduces cholesterol levels and increases the blood vessels elasticity. This improves blood circulation, prevents thrombosis and atherosclerosis.

Moringa extract

It has a general healing effect. Stimulates the immune system, improves sleep, gives energy and increases brain activity.


Another strong antioxidant that contains sodium and reduces blood viscosity. This improves the patency of blood vessels and prevents an increase of pressure in them.



What Experts think about Cardiovax strelica

”My advice to my patients regarding the best treatment for heart disease is and always will be prevention, ensuring you do everything you can to avoid habits that can cause heart problems. All of these habits slowly and without weakening the heart and out of nowhere you are hit by a heart attack or stroke. It is best to take good care of your heart at a tender age. Not with a lot of vitamin capsules in the market these days, they are mostly not effective. Cardiovax is one out of many drugs I will recommend, for a few reasons; first of all it is completely natural, ingredients are in a high daily dosage meaning that all the organs get all the necessary elements in the right amount. The developers of Cardiovax are ones I am personally familiar with. I even prescribed the drug for my parents, and it can be taken by children too, no side effects or harmful traits whatsoever.”

Michael Sharma, Senior Cardiologist with experience of more than 20 years.

Benefits of Cardiovax strelica

  • Ensures that the blood pressure, blood sugar level, and cholesterol are in a normal state, furthermore, it cleanses, strengthens and expands the vessels.
  • The heart functionality is improved alongside the kidney and digestive organs. Also increases the visual acuity and strengthens the immune system in both children and adults.
  • Generally enhances rejuvenation and improves the health of all the organs. And being made of 100% of natural substances, the body is supplied with all vitamins and necessary micro and macro elements.

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