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Biolactonix – get rid of digestive tract problems

All your bowel needs – capsules for preventing and buring the digestive tract diseases!

  • Reduces the dangers of spicy and fried food
  • Relieves heartburn, belching, stomachache and stomach heaviness
  • Improves digestion


How does Biolactonix works? strelica

Biolactonix — universal product for preventing and curing digestive system diseases. The capsules have been clinically trialed  and showed excellent results in practice:

  • 99% Elimination of pain, heartburn, nausea, belch, vomiting
  • 97% Alleviation of inflammation and ulcer
  • 94% improvement of digestive system function in general
  • 90% normalization of microflora, elimination of pathogenic microorganisms





Restores mucus layer, removes pathogenic flora, improves digestion.


Eliminates inflammation, stimulates tissue regeneration, strengthens the walls of the stomach and bowel.


Restores and improves microflora function, suppresses Helicobacter Pylori and prevents its multiplication.


Expert opinion on Biolactonix strelica

Each nation suffers from a specific disease. Europeans are prone to heart attacks and hypertension. We, the Americans, are vulnerable to stomach flu and ulcer. People used to treat these diseases with antibiotics which irritated inflamed stomach lining even more and damaged liver and kidneys. A new food supplement for a healthy digestive tract – Biolactonix – eliminates 2 causes of stomach ulcer and gastroenteritis at the same time – it kills Helicobacter Pylori and heals damaged stomach lining.
At the same time, probiotics containing in the formula of Biolactonix create a “living” protective barrier on the walls of the stomach, thanks to which you won’t be afraid of digestive tract lesion anymore.

Reviews strelica


“The doctors told me I was about to develop an ulcer. So, I was prescribed a strict diet, but I managed to keep it for… just a week. Then, I learned about Biolactonix, began to take these capsules and added my favorite dishes back to my diet: spicy pork, deep-fried squid and etc. At the same time, I felt better and better! With Biolactonix, I didn’t have stomachache even if I overate at night. Recently, I visited my doctor and underwent an ultrasound examination – yes, I’m healthy now! The doctors believe that the diet is something that helped…”


“As a student, I didn’t care about my diet and ruined my stomach – I was diagnosed with chronic gastroenteritis. They prescribed me with a diet: I should have eaten only rice, unsalted soups and porridges all my life long. Just imagine what I felt when people around me ate burgers, pizza, meat and seafood while I was eating rice from lunchbox. Only rice! Nothing else! It’s so good that I learned about Biolactonix timely. It stopped my agony. Now, I eat the foods I’m used to again and I feel great!”


“My mom and wife are amazing cooks! You can never have enough of the dishes they cook… But my father passed away young because of stomach ulcer and I don’t want to repeat his fate. That’s why when I saw an ad featuring Biolactonix I immediately decided that I should have bought it! I got the effect within a week: heartburn went away and I don’t experience stomach heaviness after meals.”

How to Use? strelica

  1. Take 1 capsule before a meal, twice a day.
  2. Recommended course: 4 weeks
  3. Undergo Biolactonix twice a year for prevention purposes.

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